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What steps do I need to take to open an Invstr Jr account?

If not an existing Invstr customer, it is necessary to open an Invstr+ account. If a link has been shared with you, follow the link to download Invstr from the Apple app store or Google Play Store. You will need to go through the onboarding process for opening an Invstr+ account. After entering your details, please have the following information for setting up the Jr account:


What you will need for Invstr Jr:

Child/Children Full Name

Child/Children Date of Birth

Child/Children Social Security Number

If a Jr, be sure to share the link via text/email with your Parent or Guardian to set up their Invstr+ account and then set up your Jr account. 

If you are already an existing Invstr+ customer, simply click the Jr link in the side panel and follow the steps in setting up your child (children’s) account. 

More questions? You can contact the  or .