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Our mission is to empower everyone to learn to invest smarter and build a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

Meet our Founder & CEO

An avid tennis player, a nature lover, a Tolkien fan. If he was an animal, he’d be a dolphin. If he could, he’d eat baklava all day, every day. And if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he’d say “a singer.”

There’s more to our founder Kerim Derhalli than finance, but operating at the sharp end of the financial sector is where he’s best known.

He’s lived and worked in London, New York, Singapore, and Tokyo, but no matter where he called home, he noticed the financial industry was being left behind by social technology.

That’s why, when he left his role as Global Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank in 2012, he set out to democratize finance through technology with Invstr. He wanted to give aspiring investors the platform they need to hone their skills and grow their confidence.

Our Values



We believe in EMPOWERING INDIVIDUALS to take charge of their future. When we invest, we create better outcomes for ourselves. When we all invest, we make the world financially sustainable.



We appreciate the power of DIVERSITY in all its forms.



We practice and promote COLLABORATION within our team and within the global Invstr community. Together, we are stronger.

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