Play Fantasy Finance®

Where the stock market meets fantasy sports. 

Manage a virtual portfolio and go head to head with other players to win real prizes.


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Think you’ve got what it takes to be a top investor? Let’s find out.

Manage a Fantasy Portfolio

Learn how to trade, strategize, and maximize profits by managing a $1MM virtual portfolio. Experiment all you want—in Fantasy Finance, you get to call the shots without putting your bank account on the line. 

Climb the Leaderboard

Put your skills to the test in the Invstr Fantasy League (IFL). Take on competitors from around the globe and finish in the top 10 each month to win real cash prizes!

Challenge Your Friends

Investing is better with friends! Create your own private Fantasy Finance league and compete with friends, colleagues, or classmates to win bragging rights. Perfect for schools and investment clubs.

Become a Guru

Earn points, badges, and rewards as you progress through the game. Start your journey as an Intern and work your way towards the ultimate level: the Fantasy Finance Guru.