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invstr is an investment game app that lets you play the markets, learn and share. Our mission is to make finance social by democratizing access to information and empowering everyone to take charge of their financial future.

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investment game

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Do you want to learn more about the financial markets?

Whether you’re a student, a professional or a professional investor, invstr will give you the tools you need to Take Charge of your financial future.

investment game

Investment Game

Timing is everything in the quick fire Investment game. Choose when to buy or sell and when to close your position to maximize your score. Our investment game app covers stocks, forex, commodity markets and more. Tap an instrument logo to get all the information you need to help you with your investment decisions in our trading game. It’s all up to you and with a bit of luck you could win one of our weekly investment competitions.

investment game


A practical financial learning experience in a safe and simple-to-use app. All you need to learn about the markets in one place: view charts to see how prices have moved; news on the latest events; reports for detailed analysis and so much more. Follow or unfollow an instrument easily and educate yourself with our real world news and data. A practical financial learning experience in a safe and simple-to-use investment game app.

investment game


Be part of a growing social investment community, take part in discussions through our social chat channels. Investing discussions allow you to bounce ideas off your fellow invstrs, get other investors opinions and find out what stocks, currencies or commodities your peers are talking about and are feeling the positive sentiment on. Social investing has never been easier with our investment game.

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Invstr is not one investment game, it is a multitude of investment games which are all combined in one application. A firm favorite of the users is the stock market game with which you can trade stocks on a number of different stock exchanges across the globe.  If you wish to focus your trading game in the New York Stock Exchange or maintain a global stock portfolio comprising of multiple stocks exchanges across the planet, you have full capabilities of doing so the Invstr stock market game.

Not only do you have access to the stock market game but you also have full access to the currency markets through our forex game. The Forex markets are quite a debatable place for investors. Some investors believe the forex markets to be the riskiest markets of all while other investors believe the forex markets to be the best markets for trading through technical analysis.  No matter what all investors think, there is one very firm factor and that is that the forex markets are the largest investment markets in the world with an average of 5.3 trillion USD a day traded.

There are a number of trading games which are available in the market today and we here at Invstr would like to pay homage to any financial markets participant who has taken the time, energy and money to create a trading game. Trading games are an essential part of the investment world and fast becoming and an integral part of the learning process for many students and new comers to the markets. Invstr as with any trading or investment game has a core focus of delivering high quality charting, feeds and market news to its users while enabling them to interact on a social level

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