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by Bankrate – January 2024

The fun and social way for everyone to learn to invest

Learn the markets without risking real money.​

Financial education, banking and investing for kids & families

Money account that helps parents teach their kids smart money management.​

Banking and investing in stocks & crypto for adults

Invest in stocks, crypto, and ETFs commission-free from $5.

Stats and tools to invest like a Pro

Tools like Portfolio Builder help you find the best investments.

You make Invstr powerful

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our incredible members. With 3 million Invstrs across 230 countries, we’re helping a new generation of investors reach their goals and create better futures. 

Learning together

At Invstr, we stand for individual empowerment, diversity and collaboration. Our mission is to empower everyone to learn to invest smarter and build a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. 

Our fun and effective learning method goes beyond financial education to include learning the theory, practicing investing skills, and getting daily feedback on performance and progress with Invstr Academy, Fantasy FinanceⓇ, and Invstr Pro. 

Dybz - January 2024
App Store - Active user
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I love this app because it allows me to simulate my options trades onto the fantasy finance game & then if I am able to get a high % return I am ranked and awarded for being in the top 10 within 3 leaderboards. It also has modules to teach you to trade if that is something you need and best of all they give you $1,000,000 initially so that you can make huge trades within the assets you are interested in.
Customer Service Star - December 2023
App Store - Active client
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I have been using Invstr for about 2 years and have to say that the customer service received when there has been an issue has been awesome James is the person who has reached out to me when there has been an issue is thorough and delivers on what he says he is going to do It would be great if there were no issues but where in the world do you find a product or service that does not have the occasional glitch Thankfully Invstr has James who has resolved the issues I have run across Thanks for all that you have done James!!!!
Daniel Walter, Personal Finance, Denver West HS - December 2023Fantasy Finance & Academy Review - Active user
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The INVSTR app has been a game changer for my classroom. I have taught personal finance for seven years and I’ve taught the stock market for just as many. Your after year I looked for the best ways to teach the stock market and investing in an interactive way. The INVSTR app is by far the best because it allows you to create leagues for your class, there is an optional portfolio builder tool, and the analytics are detailed but much simpler than most professional investing apps. In your league students can see each others portfolios so the spirit of competition is there, but it is also truly about seeing what is working best for other students.
Idrissa Siby, 11th grade - December 2023Fantasy Finance & Academy Review - Active user
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I like the INVSTR app because it’s very straightforward and simple to use and it has helped me understand investing better without the risk of losing my own money.
Mina1969 - December 2022
Google Play - Active user
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For anyone new to, or interested in learning more about trading and the stock markets, this App is simply AMAZING!!! The INVSTR team is the best I’ve EVER encountered on any App I’ve ever used 👍🏻👏🏻 They are so kind-hearted, present, quick to reply or fix any issues/bugs and always welcoming suggestions to improve the App and make our experience the best it can be... And the community...WOW 😱😱😱 People are so amazing and helpful I’ve virtually set aside my Facebook & Instagram accounts since I’ve found Invstr 😏 Come and join in on the fun with me!!!
dziolastar - January 2022
App Store - Active user
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I have been using this app for over a year and not only does it offer you the tools to learn about the markets at the same time the community is amazing.Also the employees are too and truly cares about the users.Thank you all! Dominick Z
LadyG100 - May 2022
App Store - Active client
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"Really fun and enjoyable to use.I have learnt so much with Invstr. The community, the news feed and the Invstr academy have helped me massively"
Julia Martin - October 2022
App Store - user
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Love this app! Easy trading with education!! Learn to trade and possibly make some money!? Yes, please!
Bassman523 - November 2022
App Store - Active user
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This is the best app out there for paper trading/investing. Very realistic and you can join fun leagues. You can make it very educational and have fun meeting other investors and learning from them. I have learned from others and this has helped me increase profits in my real life accounts.
Marie Bishop - May 2022
Google Play - user
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I think that investor is a fun and very helpful if you are into trading or crypto. My husband and I compete every month. And I have also learned so many things with investor! Best trading app ever.
Suleiman Atta13 - April 2022
Google Play Store - User
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"Love the support!! Love the app!! I love everything about it. Its become part of my daily routine to learn and also interact with the other players. If I could give 10 stars I’d be giving 20. Love it love it love it. Like it’s changed my life." 💯💯💯
Munir Mohammed - April 2022
Google Play Store - Active user
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"Great app for learning how to trade stocks with an active community helping each other. One of the few legitimate learning tool you will find. Customer support is superb. Please check it out"

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