Your Hobby Is on the Stock Market 🚵

by 8 Oct, 2019

Your Hobby Is on the Stock Market 

Nothing is more competitive than investing. Racing to the top of Invstr’s fantasy finance league is nothing short of a market melee. It’s you versus the world, and you need a game plan. So, how about investing in what you know?

When you buy or sell a stock, someone else who also wants to make money is always on the other side of the deal. Your opposition varies by industry, but that fact always remains.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert on everything! Specializing in a small niche of the market is fast becoming one of the best ways to out-perform it, so get under the bonnet of your hobby! Therein lies someone’s business model, someone’s strategy, and someone’s investment. Yet, the industry is competing over you. You’re in touch with “what works,” so run with that edge!

Shelby Cullom Davis is a Superinvesting GOAT. He spent forty-seven years rummaging for riches in the financial markets, and he found them all in the same place! Cullom Davis only invested in insurance stocks and is heralded today for his insights into that industry. He turned $50,000 into $900 million, and had he started stock-picking earlier; we would all be talking all about him, rather than ‘The Oracle’ Warren Buffett.  

So, while others spread themselves thin across markets, you can quietly specialize. It’s fun! Opportunities will flash up on your radar as you hone in on what gets you excited. Those could be deep-sea scuba stocks, make-up stocks, hydraulic fracturing stocks, or perhaps tech stocks! Pick your skill tree carefully, player! We can’t wait to see you climbing that fantasy league, just don’t forget us when you’re rich and famous!

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