You Can Print a Home? 🏡

You Can Print a Home?

3D printing is a relatively new technology and it’s the process of making solid three-dimensional objects using a digital 3D model. 3D printing allows us to create functional shapes and parts using less material than traditional methods in manufacturing. 3D printing is currently used in the automotive industry, for jewelry, aerospace, fashion and apparel, healthcare, and more  — the possibilities are endless. What if I told you, we might be able to print 3D models of our homes in the future?

In an article released by Reuters on Tuesday, the construction firm SQ4D printed a demo house in New York using a massive 3D printer. The foundation, walls, slabs, and footings were all constructed using a 3D printer.

Kirk Anderson, director of operations for SQ4D, said the printing time for the walls took roughly two days and the entire building process took eight days — way faster than traditional methods. Using the 3D printer to build the home is not only incredibly fast, but the process is also about 30% cheaper. Building homes with a 3D printer does not require workers to stack bricks all day either. It would be interesting to hear the construction industry’s opinions; one would imagine they wouldn’t be too happy with the prospect of a 3D printer replacing their jobs in the future.

This is just the beginning — the possibilities of 3D printing are seemingly endless. What if someone managed to construct a skyscraper using a 3D printer? Follow our Instagram @invstr and let us know if you’ve ever built anything using a 3D printer or if you have anything, you’d be interested in seeing built using a 3D printer.

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