Poll: New Cryptos Coming to Fantasy Finance!!! 💰

by 28 May, 2021

This week, we asked the Invstr Community which cryptocurrency they wanted in Fantasy Finance. The poll had a major plurality, with 44 percent of Invstrs wanting access to USD Coin. USD Coin is essentially a digital dollar, which makes it a very stable crypto that people are interested in, and it has the 9th highest market capitalization out of all cryptos. However, that is also a downside as many use cryptos for high-growth investments, which makes this a surprising first place finish. In second place is the addition of Filecoin. Filecoin provides a decentralized storage system where users can store information, and it is not mineable. It has the 25th highest market capitalization, and it is volatile while having a use for the future, which justifies its case as second place in the poll.

For last place, we have a tie between Orchid and Algorand, with each taking 14 percent of the vote. Orchid works as a decentralized VPN, once again taking a digital twist to a daily norm. Orchid does contain some volatility, but it is a pretty small crypto, which could be the reason for its finish in the poll. Algorand, however, has the 40th highest market capitalization, and it contains some potential. Algorand is a competitor to Ethereum and Cardano, and it contains enough volatility to interest cryptocurrency investors, which puts its last place finish very surprising.

Keep an eye on the feed to receive any news about a new instrument. Soon, new cryptocurrencies will be added to Fantasy Finance, so be ready to hit Refresh Instruments in your settings!





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All emails include an unsubscribe link. You can opt-out at any time. ​See our privacy policy.

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