Poll: New Year, New You! 🎆

by 7 Jan, 2022


This week, we asked the Invstr Community what their 2022 financial goal was. The winner was all the above, with 42 percent of Invstrs saying that these are all goals for them. This is very encouraging, and all of these are enticing options. It never hurts to get rid of debt, diversify your assets, and review your investments further. It’s something that anyone can accomplish in the new, digital age, but this is a very ambitious goal. Nonetheless, it deserves the gold medal.

In second place is the 37 percent of Invstrs who want to invest smarter in 2022. This is a wise goal to have as investing with no knowledge likely won’t work like it has the past few years. Smart investing is going to be vital in 2022 with possible interest rate hikes and an undergoing economic recovery, which solidifies the case for 2nd place.

For the bronze, we have the 12 percent of Invstrs who want to get into the cryptocurrency space in 2022. This is an interesting choice as many believe that cryptocurrency is the future of the digital world, with the blockchain holding massive value right now. However, people might feel that it’s too late to enter the space with how quickly it is rising, which is a valid concern. Crypto makes for a nice podium closer, right?

Finally, in last place is the goal of paying off debt with 9 percent of Invstrs voting for this. A lot of people have entered 2022 with high debt, and one specific to the stock market is margin debt. As an individual, it’s important to have as little debt as possible to be financially healthy, but this doesn’t seem to be the priority for many now, making it a fitting 4th place option.

Let’s hope that we all have accomplished our financial goals by the end of this new year! Have fun and see you next time with more poll results!

The Invstr Team 🙂




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All emails include an unsubscribe link. You can opt-out at any time. ​See our privacy policy.

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