Corporate Worry Bead 😟

by 29 Oct, 2020

In this week’s poll, we asked invstrs “What Should Companies Be Most Engaged About?”. As the world continues to change with ever growing social, economic and environmental concerns, it is important to understand how to prioritize these issues so that we can tackle them properly.

Invstrs have spoken. 28% of voters considered Product Sustainability as being the most important thing companies should be engaged about. To be clear, sustainable products are not one that simply last a lifetime. They are ones designed in respect to the environment and protects the planet, societal constructs and can even provide financial benefits throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

If you look at the data with a broader view. You can see that the options given can be broken down into more general categories. Operational Pollution and Product Sustainability are both related to the health of our planet while Ending Bribery & Corruption, Treatment of Workers and Workforce Diversity are all social issues of which different steps will need to be taken to fix.

When seen in only 2 categories, we can see that both social and environmental problems matter a lot to invstrs. When added up, 47% of the votes have gone towards environmental sustainability and 53% have gone to societal issues stemming from how people treat each other.

It goes to show that choosing what problems matter most is almost irrelevant. For some, their crusade lies in “Going Green” and for others, changing our societal construct so that it better represents some of the most important values and morals is seen as more important.

It is not for anyone to judge or influence someone’s way of thinking if the goal for good remains clear.





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All emails include an unsubscribe link. You can opt-out at any time. ​See our privacy policy.

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