Poll: Your Brokerage Account 💰

by 12 May, 2021

This week, we asked the Invstr Community what they would like to see in their brokerage account. The poll was rather close, with 38 percent of Invstrs wanting to gain access to more cryptocurrencies. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise as cryptos are all the craze currently, but it’s nice that people want variety. There are many cryptos other than your classic Bitcoin and Ethereum, like Cardano, so it makes sense that people want to explore them in their investment accounts. On your Invstr+ account, you will soon be able to buy Cardano! In second place is the need for more technical data. That is understandable as many of us use technical data to guide our investment choices. Fundamental investors often use metrics such as revenue, the P/E ratio, and earnings per share, and technical investors use indicators like the RSI and MACD. Technical data is very useful for anyone in the world of investing, so having good access to it can mean a lot. On Invstr you can access all technical tools in the charts, to help you invest smarter!

Third place falls to the 21 percent of Invstrs who want access to Pre and Post market trading. Stocks are often volatile in these periods before and after market hours, reacting to earnings or news reports that are not released during the six and a half hours when the market is open. However, it likely did not get as many votes as the others because many with a long-term approach wouldn’t gain much by having access to the pre and post market as their investments are measured in years, not minutes. Lastly, with no spot on the podium left, it leaves the 16 percent of Invstrs who want access to penny stocks. It is clear why this fell last because penny stocks are highly risky. They are often the victims of pump-and-dump schemes, and the volatility is endless. Penny stock trading isn’t for everyone, with many preferring index funds and safe, blue chip stocks.

As Invstr+ continues to grow, stay updated with the latest features like Invstr Pro, Portfolio Builder which now included Crypto, and Cardano. To keep on top of the recent news regarding the markets, check in to the Invstr Crunch daily!





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All emails include an unsubscribe link. You can opt-out at any time. ​See our privacy policy.

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