Virgin Galactic’s Hypersonic Travel Triple 🚀

by 11 Dec, 2019

Virgin Galactic’s Hypersonic Travel Triple

Analysts at Morgan Stanley have conjured a master plan to put the multi-trillion-dollar airline sector out of business and “triple” Virgin Galactic’s stock price. The space tourism company has already made some headway on their idea, too. Check this out!

Richard Branson must simply “incubate innovation” and turn current space fiction tech at Virgin Galactic into new space fiction tech, useful for the purpose of point-to-point hypersonic air travel. The bank is deadly serious, and its comments have put the burners on Virgin Galactic’s share price as well. They’re up 20% for the week with a price target of $22 per share from Morgan Stanley spelling out a 203% upside!

The analyst in question is called Adam Jonas, and his reputation on Wall Street is built on timely Tesla calls. He’s having visions again, convinced that the hypersonic business is the real “cake” for investors and that the space tourism business is “the oven.” Indeed, a 3,800mph, two hour trip from New York to London would change the world. Richard Branson has already confirmed that space fares paid by Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio for orbit visits are being invested into hypersonic research.

Boeing’s venture capital arm, HorizonX, has also contributed. However, some investors are cautious about taking Jonas and his $22 price target too literally! If a hypersonic champion can mop up the airline industry’s entire 800-billion-dollar revenue haul, as claimed, why are there so few companies in the race? Guarded market players are also on the lookout for bias, especially given that Morgan Stanley makes ends meet by facilitating trading volume. If Jonas triggers a buy order, he’s done his job!

Both the bears and bulls could be right about this one. Virgin Galactic has an all or nothing future, isolated on the stock market at the moment without many comparable companies. Would you strap yourself in for lift-off into space? Would you buckle up to be hurtled 3,800mph over cold Atlantic waters? Virgin Galactic’s services, and shares, aren’t for the faint of heart!

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