Trump To Ban Huawei? 📡

by 15 May, 2019

Trump To Ban Huawei?

The latest development in Huawei’s global 5G saga may be a pretty rough one as President Trump prepares to sign an executive order barring US companies from using Huawei equipment. Ouch!

In the last couple of months Chinese telecoms supplier, Huawei, has been put through the ringer as more and more countries label its 5G equipment a ‘threat to national security’. Hidden backdoors and other controversial features have forced nations, such as Australia and New Zealand to put an outright ban on Huawei products in their countries.

Now the US is finally going to join the party. Both China and Huawei have repeatedly denied accusations that the technology is designed to spy or steal intellectual property, and even gone as far as to agree to sign a ‘no-spy’ agreement. The agreement would have its technology independently tested to meet a globally accepted standard, but some nations are still skeptical…And they probably should be.

While the ban is not so problematic for big US carriers who cut ties with Huawei months ago, it represents a larger problem for the smaller rural carriers who rely on Huawei’s lower prices to remain in business. It is estimated that almost 25% of carriers with 100,000 subscribers or less are still using Huawei equipment, posing a significant problem for the small fry in the industry.  

The order has yet to be put in motion, but if we know President Trump, you can bet your bottom Dollar that it’s most likely on its way.

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