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by 23 Mar, 2022


The NFL has always been a major player in advertising games. After all, millions of people across America tune in to watch the season as it leads up to big finally – the Superbowl. This year’s Superbowl was an advertising boom for cryptocurrency firms and centralized exchanges like Coinbase – who drew so many people to their website from a single ad that it crashed. Many in the space saw the move as progress to make crypto mainstream, acquiring some respect from those in the older generations or pushing total adoption from younger generations like GenZ. Even Tom Brady is a huge fan of crypto. Just last week he tweets to Ethereum’s creator, Vitalik Buterin, expressing his respect and admiration for Buterin’s work. Surprisingly, Buterin didn’t even know who Tom Brady was until a picture of him went viral for the similarity in their looks.

The NFL at large also seems to be embracing crypto with their latest move to grant teams limited permission to seek blockchain sponsorships announced Tuesday. The move was a partial reversal from late last summer, as the technology grows in popularity among the organization’s fans and athletes. In the NFL’s announcement, they said they will allow “promotional relationships without undertaking excessive regulator or brand risk”. Restrictions remain for specific fan tokens, which can be exchanged for merchandise and experiences. What do you think about the NFL’s embracement of crypto? And could we see this in other sports leagues?

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