The Worst We’ve Seen 😷

by 3 May, 2021

The Worst We’ve Seen

During the pandemic, the country considered the epicenter of the coronavirus was the United States. However, in the last few months, the US has worked extremely hard to decrease infections and deaths by enforcing masks and vaccinating millions of people. With the US rounding the corner, it looked like the world could come back to normal. Unfortunately, COVID-19 found its new home in the second largest country by population: India.

India’s handling of the pandemic was exceptional. They hadn’t faced a surge until June, and even that was handled very well, with a peak of about 95,000 infections per day. The country was reopened fully, and life was normal for the general population. This was until the B.1.617 variant was formed in India, one that is rumored to be much more infectious and deadly. Mixed with carelessness, the last month has been very brutal. India broke infection records, with the current caseload at 400,000.

This has turned into a vicious humanitarian crisis. With the infection rate shattering the healthcare system, there are a lack of beds, treatment, and most importantly, oxygen. This is leading to thousands of deaths, with many unreported as people are often dying on the streets. It comes with the fact that due to poor infrastructure, many are in close proximity, which is a dream situation for viruses to spread. India is also facing a shortage of vaccines, as supply is dwindling with high demand. All of this creates a dystopian situation for the country, where infections are increasing exponentially, and death is no longer unlikely.

Countries have pledged their support, with President Biden planning to send 60 million doses of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and France sending oxygen generator plants. Support is necessary as this looks like one of the biggest disasters in recent history. Without help, other countries could be facing problems as India’s economy is vital in many areas, especially the pharmaceutical sector. However, India needs your support too. Consider donating to Indian charities and GoFundMe’s because if it isn’t evident yet, they need your help to save their lives.  

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