The Perfect Present

by | Dec 17, 2015

So what do you really want for Christmas this year? Expensive perfume, the latest gaming console, a smartphone, a priceless diamond necklace? I’m guessing not a pair of socks. What will be the go-to gift for us all this holiday season, that item that sets our hearts racing in anticipation as we unwrap it? Well we at invstr have our own thoughts on just what you should be getting your loved ones this year, and we suspect that it’s a little more “out there” than you’re considering but bear with us

A unique name.


Lets face it, Uniqueness is an increasingly rare commodity and whilst it’s can be great to have a reliable, familiar name, it’s simply not going to make you easy to be Googled. As such, make sure that the present you get your loved ones this Christmas is a suitably unique name. Also, whilst you’re at it, choose a name begins with “A” (just look at the list of companies whose name begins with A). It’s always useful to be at the front of the alphabetical list just in case your unique name isn’t quite as unique as you thought.

So there you are, it’s all about the name. As such this is  Aardvark Aggamemnon Ambrosius signing off.

PS – The correct answer to “What do you want for Christmas” is actually “the Millenium Falcon”. Not a model or anything; the actual Millennium Falcon. Plus Han Solo is a pretty unique name.

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