The Market’s Mischief-Making Stocks ⚔

by 2 Dec, 2019

The Market’s Mischief-Making Stocks

Some stocks are driving a wedge through Wall Street and causing professional analysts to bicker over price targets. FactSet has ranked them, so let’s see if we can’t stir things up in the Invstr community as well!

According to the data, over a trillion dollars of market value is tied up in the Street’s most controversial names. Mildly contentious stocks based on price target disparity include Slack Technologies, which is facing a David versus Goliath match-up against Microsoft in the workplace messaging niche. Sprint is also featured, trying to merge with T-Mobile, as well as Lyft and Uber, unprofitable ride-sharing apps which many fear will stay that way for a while.

However, when it comes to sowing discord among high-rise market pundits, Tesla takes the biscuit. Currently trading at $329, the bears see it crashing to $160 while bulls have their heads tipped back with a $949 target. The contrast is night and day. Most realize that Tesla shouldn’t be able to beat the odds against it, but most also see Elon Musk as a potential wildcard.

TV provider DISH snatches second place in FactSet’s rankings, with a bullish $95 target expected to unravel down to $25 if Sprint’s merger with T-Mobile gets past regulators. General Electric, Arista Networks, Advanced Micro Devices, Facebook, and Roku are all hit and miss companies dividing opinion on the list, and sentiment is even more at odds on Main Street! Defying the doomsayers who hope to short sell Tesla all the way to $0, ARK Invest fund manager Cathie Woods tips the electric car company to hit $5000! 

Stock market extremists on both sides of the divide aren’t necessarily village idiots. They’re just dreamers or armageddonists, and the market rewards such behavior in some periods and not in others. The only crime is to be boring, so pick a side!

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