The Best Investment of This Decade 💰

The Best Investment of This Decade

Born out of 2008’s financial crisis, Bitcoin is a rebellious revamp of the way money works. It saw its first trade execute in April of 2010. For thirty bucks, someone anonymous transferred 1000BTC to someone else anonymous, and with that, a permanent register of dealings known as the ‘Blockchain’ begun. Functioning atop that ledger, Bitcoin gets away with keeping things totally out of view of establishment.

Nobody really cared about that ledger in 2010, though, so Bitcoin became a hotbed for criminal mischief. It took until 2013 for the FBI to clamp down on the Silk Road, a crypto-driven dark web drug site. That popped the first Bitcoin bubble from $220 down to $70, but a steady recovery would follow. Eventually, in 2017 came the ICO (initial coin offering) wave. Four hundred sixty-five new cryptos were born, drumming up the wildest public market frenzy you’ve ever seen. Everyone was in on it from your Uber driver to your great-aunt Betsy. We all remember where we were the moment Bitcoin hit $20K (and then six…)!

The most lucrative instrument of the decade it may be, but it’s also the most divisive. Volatility is still Bitcoin’s Achilles heel, with routinely ridiculous swings thwarting its safe-haven status. Hundreds of competing coins also risk turning Bitcoin into the Betamax of the crypto world, and despite institutional okay’s ironically reviving prices this year, a central bank-based digital currency would blow it out of the water.

Whatever the bears say, though, Bitcoin will disrupt and destroy everything over the long-term that it’s intrinsically superior to. The tin hat brigade needn’t worry! The only problem is that few investors understand what Bitcoin really is intrinsically superior to, and fewer still are unbiased. The crypto king won’t make nine million percent in the 2020s, but could it outpace stocks and bonds? It’s either going to be a big yes, or a big no!


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