Tesla-Made Ventilators Are Incoming 🚑

by 25 Mar, 2020

Tesla-Made Ventilators Are Incoming

President Trump has rallied the automakers. He wants to know “what they’re made of,” as with fewer people buying new sets of wheels at the moment, production lines have excess capacity to help make medical equipment. Major car plants and Formula One teams have all agreed to come together on this, but it’s easier said than done!

Intensive care units are intense, and you only get one shot at making respiratory equipment; no defects allowed. Hamilton Medical boss Jens Hallek makes ventilators all the time, and he insists they require specialized “know-how” to get right. If the likes of Ford and General Motors are to manufacture more for the common good now than at any time since World War 2, they’ll need to enlist help.

Among our community, there’s not a single short-seller in Medtronic, and that’s saying something with nearly $70 million invested. It’s the world’s most prominent standalone MedTech firm, and it’s one of the specialized manufacturers in charge of medical factory conversions.

It’s teamed up with Tesla, so expect Elon Musk’s ventilators to hit hospital floors soon!

If ethical investing appeals to you, especially at the moment, you may wish to consider these commercial do-gooders in the short-term. Companies big and small are putting profit margins to one side for a positive impact.

Ford, with help from its own partners, has already produced 75,000 face shields, and smaller companies are helping too by making specific parts and components. Kind gestures stick in the memory!

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