Tesla Economical With the Truth 🚘

by 9 Aug, 2019

Tesla Economical With the Truth 

A branch of the US government has broken the first rule of dealing with Elon Musk and Tesla; don’t feed the troll! The electric car maker has been told to nip claims in the bud that the Model C is “the safest car ever tested,” but that’s only made the itch to say it even stronger for the Palo Alto company.

Long-term shareholders in Tesla have seen enough shenanigans by now to take headlines about the stock with a pinch of salt, and you can’t blame them! A charismatic leader routinely sends investors’ heads into a spin, one day with ideas to take his company private and the next with some dark bankruptcy humor. Don’t invest in Tesla if you can’t take a joke, as some in the market believe Elon Musk sees Wall Street as just that, a joke!

However, amid the humdrum of daily market noise concerning Tesla, certain new developments have nobody laughing. A few days ago, a US regulator took Tesla up on something it continues to claim today. Tesla automobiles are supposed to be the safest of the safest, not only from a vehicle design perspective but also technologically, as software intervenes in your driving to save you from disaster. “The lowest probability of injury of all cars the safety agency has ever tested,” is a bold claim. Apparently, it’s also not a fair one. The government wants it pulled.

Investors know the electric-car company must use every possible edge against larger, more established auto companies who’ve been building reputations for safety for decades. It’s an industry with blood in the water, and many investors believe that for Tesla to survive, claims like this are necessary to keep a first mover’s momentum alive.

The electric car pioneers will fight this case tooth and nail. The fiasco is only just ramping up, and with Musk at the center of it, this should be prime time viewing!

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