Tariff-Proofed Stock Portfolios 🛡️

by | 12 Aug, 2019

Tariff-Proofed Stock Portfolios 

Try this tariff-proof vest on for size! As trade conflict drives market activity, investors who’ve stuck to stocks have taken it upon themselves to armor up. A small litter of market names are putting up their own trade fight!

Fed Chair Jerome Powell may be enjoying a few days off from the limelight after his grand rate cut announcement, but for everyone else, the indicator for trade war severity only shifts. The market now looks to growth forecasts by the market’s big wigs. From banks to think tanks, all the heavy hitters have weighed in on the trade debate with unflattering projections. Strange that!

Most damn any further escalation in tariffs with a recession scenario, although of course, short term frights can easily give the illusion of patterns that don’t exist. Still, investors aren’t taking any chances! Money is already on the move, with legions of market players safeguarding their quarterly catch in tariff blind spots.

Microsoft, Salesforce.com, and Twilio. These are some of the companies surfing the trade wave right now as China retaliates against $300,000,000,000 threats from the US. These software names populate an enormous tech sector but are the only stocks so lightly exposed to international supply chains and overseas manufacturing. It’s an unexpected blessing, perhaps, shielding investors from border costs. We could be onto something here!

Tariff resiliency is becoming a major selling point for stocks. Some believe there’s more opportunity in buying the adversely affected companies while they’re down, but all agree that an appetite for gains underscores it all. What’s your investing trade policy?

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