by | Apr 21, 2016

In this video, Kerim Derhalli, CEO  and founder, talks about invstr’s core mission and reasons behind its creation. The new invstr app is coming soon. Help us make finance more accessible by downloading invstr and joining the community. Take charge. Make Change.

Video Transcript


I’d like to tell you about the new invstr app. We’re all natural investors we were all born with an awareness of up, of down, and all the human emotions that drive financial markets. We invest every single day of our lives with our time and our energy

My name is Kerim Derhalli and I’m the founder of invstr. I set up invstr 3 years ago with a mission to make finance social. We want to empower everyone in the world to take charge of their financial future. Even people who know nothing about investing and have just $1 in savings. If you know how to use any other social network, you already know how to use the new invstr app. We explain everything in language that we all understand. We have games that make it fun and safe to play the markets. We can read the news, follow our favorite companies, Share social posts and follow or be followed by others. It’s time to take charge and make a real change to our financial future.

So, I hope that you will all join us and discover just how great an investor you really are!

Want to learn more about the markets and how to become a better investor?

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