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How do I earn the $5 BTC reward?

When you join Invstr+ and fund your account with at least $5, we’ll give you $5 worth of Bitcoin to kickstart your portfolio. 

You can earn an additional $5 BTC when you invite a friend and they fund their account with at least $5 (they will also earn $5 BTC for funding their account). There’s no limit to the number of friends you can invite to join.


  • Please note that P2P payments are not accepted as valid forms of funding. 
  • Pending Crypto refers to the $5 BTC we give you when you fund your account.
  • Funds must clear to qualify for the reward
  • Please note that you cannot withdraw your reward for 30 days.

Tip: You will get the BTC after 5 business days if you fund with ACH pull and the same day if you fund with an ACH push or bank wire.

Cryptocurrency bonus payments may be taxable as income. Please consult your tax advisor or accountant for further information.

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Updated on 25 September, 2022