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How do I withdraw money to a different account?

Tap on the Money tab on the main bottom navigation bar

Tap the More icon located at the bottom of the screen on the right

Tap the Withdraw Funds icon

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and choose where you want to move money from.

Select which account you want to move the money to

Tap Review Payment

Select Pay today or Schedule

Tap Continue and then Confirm Payment.

Please note that transfers normally take 1-2 business banking days to complete.

MONEY MOVEMENT LIMITS. You may only submit requests for Money Movement transactions that are within the dollar limits established for you. We reserve the right to limit the dollar amount and frequency of transactions made through Money Movement services by you and we may raise or lower your dollar limit in the future at our sole discretion at any time. If you try to initiate a money movement more than these limits, the transaction may be rejected. Unless otherwise specified by Vast Bank, N.A., changes to such limits shall be effective immediately upon notice to you via email or via the message center in the mobile application. These limits may be changed anytime without notice. The standard parameters of such limits are presently:

Outgoing money movement transactions:

$10,000.00 is the maximum amount that may be transacted within a calendar week.
$20,000.00 is the maximum amount that may be transacted within a calendar month.
All Money Movement transactions are subject to the rules and regulations governing the relevant Accounts. You may not initiate any Money Movement transactions from or to an Account that are not allowed under the rules or regulations applicable to such Account including rules or regulations designed to prevent the transfer of funds in violation of the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) regulations.

Vast reserve the right to decline any Money Movement transaction requests in our sole discretion

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