by | Feb 26, 2016

We hosted a student workshop at Royal Holloway, University of London, looking at gamification in finance, with the excellent students and members of the investment and finance society. To find out more and join our next student workshops, just sign up here:

Video Transcript

MARK FAULKNER (Game Manager, invstr): Okay well here we are in the hallowed halls of Royal Holloway University. We’re going to meet the finance and investment society, give a talk on games and finance, and hopefully have some fun and possibly a bite of  pizza at the end of this. Oh yeah, looking forward to it actually. It’s a beautiful places isnt it? I mean wow. We’re here to give a workshop on gamification and finance. A way of making the finance industry which is suffering from a little bit of impenetrability. A way of making it understandable to everybody. A way of giving people an easy route into the world of finance.

STUDENT 1: It was really great. I really like how interactive it was. Very informal and the focus was on fun and everyone could just  ask questions along the way and mark it very relatable to everyone.

STUDENT : I really enjoyed it actually. It was actually a really good experiences and really nice to see how Mark was and like how he actually shows that he really cares about the younger generation of students and how they should be more educated on finance because I feel like I agree with him. We haven’t really been taught about mortgages and about things that have to do with everyday life and in finance. I think relating it to game theory and the gamification makes it more relatable and really interesting and actually put us on the spot and He made us actually make a  presented which I wasn’t expecting but it was it was fun and it was rewarding and think he was quite impressed by our ideas and it made us be quite creative. It was really fun.

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