Student Investing Championship

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The first competition in the Student Investing Championship has now finished, congratulations to the winners.


Our next competition will start at 12:00 February 4 and will run until 11:59 March 4 so download the app, and get practicing.

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investment game
investment game
investment game

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  1. The Legal terms of this competition are covered in invstr’s standard terms and conditions and privacy policy which can be viewed here: and here:
  2. The Student Investing Championship (SIC) will comprise several Competitions running until the end of the academic year
  3. Competition 2 will commence on 12:00 on 04/02/17 and run until 11:59 on 04/03/17 (the Competition Period).
    1. Further competition periods may be added during the Academic Year
  4. Any user is able to participate in the SIC by entering the name of their university, business school or student society on the Competition Registration page in the invstr app.
  5. The SIC Competitions will use the Investment Game in the invstr App as the sole means of determining the winners.
  6. Competitors will use the Investment Game in order to score the highest possible “Profit or Loss” value.
    1. Scores will be listed in the invstr app on the “Student Investing Championship Leaderboard” (Leaderboard).
    2. All open positions will be auto-closed at the end of each trading week 12:00 on Saturday
    3. The Leaderboard will reflect the scores at the time the page is loaded
    4. The highest cumulative score over the Competition period will be used to determine the winners.
  7. To be eligible to be awarded a prize a competitor must:
    1. Be able to prove their status as a student of a university or college
    2. Be 18 years of age or over
  8. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these Rules.

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