The Student Investing Championship: improve your job prospects

by Feb 2, 2017

It is a widely known fact that though employers will look at a candidates degree certification when deciding whether to give them a job (and often these are needed just to get past the first stage), they also want to know what other skills you have which set you apart from the pack.

When it comes to applying for careers we know that the competition is tough, particularly in finance. Having spoken to many business leaders as well as employees and prospective candidates who were looking to enter the financial sector, we know it truly is hard to get noticed. When many C.Vs that appear upon an employers desk have similarly strong University qualifications, how do they pick and choose?

Aside from making sure the prospective candidate is a good fit for the team and is on board with the direction and message of the firm, they also want to know about your other skills and knowledge.

This is where the invstr Student Investing Championship comes in – we offer certificates and prizes to players who show their skills in our games and reach the top of the leaderboard. With practice and experience in virtual trading and learning the markets, you can gain a robust understanding of trading and business – putting you in a position of strength when it comes to applying for that all-important role you’ve had your eye on.

The invstr app contains everything you need to get started playing the markets. It is a social network for finance as well as a deeply rich educational tool that has the capability to teach players more about the markets than they could learn elsewhere. How? The app is beautifully designed and user-friendly, but crucially it’s the vast wealth of information within it that sets invstr apart.

invstr gives you access to around 1400 instruments which you can trade, but also plenty of information about each. How many people are trading it? What is it’s share price? What’s the company market cap? When are the next financial results for the business due? What is the invstr community sentiment regarding the instrument? This is only a fraction of the information available.

By playing and learning, in this way, the next time you have an interview – you can be safe in the knowledge you have an understanding of financial markets and the world events which shape them. This knowledge is appreciated by employers, and a certificate is also proof of your interest and dedication.

What are students saying?

Alexandre Magnet, an MBA Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship student at INSEEC London gave his experience: “I decided to enter the competition at the beginning of November to test my skills against other students like me. The main reason was to become one of the best investors in the competition. I was attracted by the prizes, but mostly I was interested in the possibility of becoming a part of the company as a campus ambassador, and to give my career prospects a boost.

“I studied a bit of finance but I never specialized in it. I started playing the invstr game a month before the competition started, so I was already familiar with the tools the app is offering. It is really quick to prepare yourself for the competition as it’s simple to use and explained clearly. You just have to understand how to use the information to invest smartly.”

“I think the main strength of this app is that it makes you aware of the financial world and it shows you that it is really easy to understand markets if you have the knowledge. It will help me in my future career or business as it has raised my understanding of the importance of financial markets, how to find information and how to use it for my benefit – making important decisions for my business, for example.”

How do I get involved?

Follow the link HERE to learn about the Championship and how you can take part! Remember – practice makes perfect, so get investing!


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