Stocks Enter Orbit 🚀

by | 10 Jul, 2019

Stocks Enter Orbit

Richard Branson’s latest venture is truly out of this world! The British entrepreneur is taking orders from tourists, now set to visit space in one of his Virgin Galactic rockets. ‘Virgin Galactic’ will be the first spaceflight company to go public, ever! 3-2-1…

Let’s head straight for the fun stuff. Onboard one of Branson’s ‘Virgin Galactic’ rockets, and for the fair price of $250,000 plus a little bit of courage, a host of tourists can count their lucky stars as they receive official astronaut status on a suborbital space cruise. And if you’d like a piece of this, the company’s stock market debut will come later this year that will “open space to thousands of new investors,” according to the billionaire behind it all.

Richard Branson is the action hero of the business world. An all smiles ambassador for the Virgin Group; he’s hot-air ballooned over the Pacific, scaled Europe’s highest peak, and driven a tank down Fifth Avenue. Out of the way Elon, this is your rocket man!

So, what can investors expect from space tourism? In the case of Virgin Galactic, a merger with Social Capital Hedosophia will strengthen it against Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon’s Blue Origin. However, jumping from the funding of “a single Abu Dhabi wealth fund, all the way to public ownership” leaves “a lot less room for error” according to Space Angels CEO, Chad Anderson. Despite demand queuing up, the margins, revenues, market shares in space remain part of an unexplored universe.

As the space race hastens, the stakes between risk and reward are becoming astronomically high. Virgin Galactic’s countdown to liftoff on the stock market starts now, and Social Capital Hedosophia is already on its way to invstr. We can’t wait to bring you these ones!

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