Shot of Confidence đź’‰

by 14 Jan, 2020

Shot of Confidence

The numbers keep rising, but this isn’t the time to get complacent as an investor! The Conference Board is a non-profit research group, and according to its twenty-year comparison of consumer versus corporate confidence, we should all be very fidgety about the market’s next big move!

Before both the dot-com bust and the credit crunch, c-suite sentiment gradually declined before consumer faith suddenly turned sour. If you believe in symmetry, patterns, and fate, then the writing could be on the wall again.

CEO and CFO confidence spiralled downward after an epic market sell-off in 2018, as executives feared huge debt piles, trade wars, and inflated markets. Today, business people glued to the news haven’t been more fearful of the future since 2012. Customers, on the other hand, remain in good spirits. And the customer is always right!

The story across American localities involves people in work and ready to spend. We’re at the top end of the cycle for the tech, consumer discretionary, construction, and automotive sectors. Food, utilities, and discount supermarket investors have their eyes on that corporate confidence reading, however, and are winding up for a wisely timed investment.

Economic indicators have come a long way in recent years, and there’s no doubting that some eery patterns have emerged in confidence surveys. It’s always best to be in the know!

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