Samsung’s New S20 Is a Power Play 📲

by 12 Feb, 2020

Samsung’s New S20 Is a Power Play

The new Samsung S20 is an overpowered answer to Apple’s latest range of iPhones, doubling the S10 in name, stylishness, capability, and even foldability.                            

Not to be outdone by Apple’s latest three-camera models, Samsung has released a four-camera device that provides 100X zoom and a massive battery. The 7-inch phone has sixteen gigabytes of memory, 5G compatibility, and that all-important flip function that investors love to show off when ducking out of stock pitch meetings to take urgent calls.

“The company is ahead when it comes to certain types of hardware innovation,” says BayStreet Research analyst, Cliff Maldonado. There’ll always be a market for the best of anything, so being a semiconductor leader at heart, Samsung has poured all its human capital into this. On paper, it’s the best smartphone money can buy!

The phone will cost an eye-watering $1,399 upfront, pricing out most consumers to target the luxury space that Apple is leaving vacant in its attempts to bring the iPhone back to the masses. From a sales perspective, that strategy shows promise, according to Counterpoint Research. The data analysis firm is predicting 11% more S20 series units to be sold than models of the S10 back in March when shares in Samsung were 30% cheaper than today. Downside protection?

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