Red or Blue: What Does the General Election Mean for Fintech?

by | Jun 13, 2017

For all the stability that this latest General Election was due to bring, the Great British Public awoke on Friday morning with more questions than answers. With a weakened Government and a reinvigorated opposition, what does the world now look like for the fintech industry? Here, Kerim Derhalli, Founder and CEO of fintech app invstr, discusses the results’ impact on the fintech sector.

Traditionally, politics and technology has had an uneasy relationship. On the one hand, tech innovators strive to upset the status quo and find new ways of doing things; on the other, governments tend to be comfortable once they have exerted control over the unknowns of new technology.

The great challenges

In the aftermath of two horrific terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, Theresa May moved quickly to criticise technology companies for providing “safe spaces” for extremist ideology, reinforcing the Conservative pledge for greater regulation of the internet.

Labour, conversely, support greater rights on the internet specifically, backing a ‘Digital Bill of Rights’ within their digital manifesto – released in August last year.

How will these two opposing ideologies play out in a fintech world brimming with optimism and entrepreneurship? There are pros and cons, and it may be that a hung parliament works in the favour of the tech glitterati.

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