Poll: Skynet Loses the Plot 🖱

by 12 Feb, 2020

Poll: Skynet Loses the Plot

“Are you worried about AI?”

  • 44%   Only if it’s unregulated
  • 35%   Nope. People fear what they don’t understand
  • 21%:  Yes. It will be society’s downfall

Besides several artificial intelligence exchange-traded funds, the stocks most poised to profit from artificial intelligence (AI) remain Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet. Not “pure plays,” sure, but internally diversified giants that ensure less risk than early moving start-ups. 

The artificial intelligence industry is projected to amass over a hundred-billion-dollars in revenues by 2025, according to market research firm Tractica. There are commercial applications left and right, but around a fifth of our community (21%) doesn’t think it’s worth the risk to set even regulated AI loose at all.

Technology that can think for itself?! It’s all fun and games until Siri goes beyond misunderstanding the Scottish accent, and starts commanding unwanted ‘if-then-else’ commands that meddle with our personal lives. 

Elon Musk, boundless AI’s most vocal opponent and the founder of OpenAI, says “robots will do everything better than us, and the nation which controls artificial intelligence will control the world.” Weaponized bots would be unstoppable. “We’d need strobe lights to see them!”

Thanks in part to Musk’s activism, almost half of the Invstr community is calling for some kind of urgent regulation on BigTech ambitions (44%). That would include red tape on hackable robots that could grow their conscience faster than humans are able to react. 

Without a seatbelt law for AI, “the machines will win,” because compassion, sensitivity, and empathy aren’t the easiest attributes to put across in the language of Python or Java!

That’s one other perspective. However, the rest of the respondents in our poll (35%) don’t understand the fuss. Most countries are funding research into the area right now, and it’s too early to make assumptions about how bad actors could wield the technology. The push to develop human-like Mech continues, and so far, all hi-tech development has taken the world forward, not backward. 

In sum, AI could be used to help marketers target key demographics with terrifying accuracy, to fashion ultra-accurate WMDs, or to replace vast swathes of the workforce. Luckily, your toaster isn’t going to become sentient tomorrow. We have some time to decide what we’re going to do about it!

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