Poll: Office Burdens 🇺🇸

by 31 Jan, 2020

Poll: Office Burdens

“What keeps President Trump awake at night?”

  • 40%   Finding time to tweet
  • 20%   Avoiding impeachment
  • 14%:  China
  • 13%   Iran
  • 13%   The economy, stupid!

We should have known! If POTUS can’t tweet, then POTUS can’t play insults with other world leaders or communicate with the American people. It’s a simple platform to spread his simple, non-PC message, promoting, diverting, distracting, and reacting.

According to TweetBinder, he’s tweeted eight times per day on average in 2020. He’s reached 71 million people directly, and billions more indirectly, the economic value of those tweets surpassing $24.8 million were he to use his “influencer” status to market a product. Arguably, he is doing. So, suffice to say, if he can’t find time, he’ll make time!

He set the presidential tweeting record on impeachment day, funnily enough. A fifth of the Invstr community believe a White House eviction is his biggest worry, and 131 tweets in less than five hours could serve as possible evidence.

With a Congress packed full of republicans behind him, President Trump can actually sleep easy when it comes to not getting booted out of office. But that’s as good as it gets. He’s only the third president in history to have articles of impeachment approved against him by the House of Representatives. That’s got to sting! 

Beyond these two possible nightmares for President Trump, it’s pretty much a three-way tie for terror, according to the Invstr community.

A long-term struggle with Iran and China represent policies that he believes in. However, those pursuits must be balanced with the personal ambitions of a second term. As a businessman in office, he needs to keep the economy afloat to have any hope at re-election.

Waging wars of all types and turning a blind eye to climate issues has made life harder for investors and himself. But hey, that’s Trumponics for you. We should hold off from judging it until he’s long gone and the dust has settled!

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