Poll: Own Goal? 🎯

by 7 Nov, 2019

Own Goal?

  • 53%    Double my money
  • 20%    Steady 10%
  • 12%    Beat the market
  • 8%      Buffett’s average
  • 7%      Break even!

We were curious where your investments were taking you in 2019, and clearly, we’re a goal-driven community! This was our biggest ever poll response, but you guys aren’t here to make up the numbers. Oh no… you’re here to double them! 

Most Invstr’s intend to make this bull run count and trade their way to a fortune before Christmas. Just last month alone, 11 stock pickers in the Invstr Fantasy League doubled their dosh, and we’re now at the business end of the year. 30-40% of annual retail sales are still lined up for November and December, so carpe diem, the time is now!

Tellingly in this topsy-turvy world, a fifth of the community is willing to give up gains for stability. A passive exchange-traded fund (ETF) would bag investors a volatile 12% market average. However, many pollsters would give up 20% of those gains for a feeling of security in the stock-picking process. Wow!

It’s also noteworthy that more investors would rather beat the market on their own terms, than peg their performance against Warren Buffett’s 23% career average. Is 8% of the community aiming higher, or just not risking their lives in the search for alpha?

Finally, of course, there are the folks not taking this too seriously! A humble pocket of the Invstr community abide by Buffett’s first rule of investing, which is not to lose money, and his second rule, which is not to forget the first rule!

Those are wise words, but don’t need any help in setting your portfolio goals for 2019. You’ve taken control. Now, let’s get down to business!

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