New Virus Threat: G4-EA-H1N1 ⚗

by 3 Jul, 2020

New Virus Threat: G4-EA-H1N1

You can read our first ever piece on coronavirus here. It was published on January 21st when most investors were focused on the upside of a mild outbreak for pharmaceutical stocks, not the downside of a full business shutdown. We were a far cry away from stay-at-home stocks!

We said “the only thing more contagious than the disease could be the fear of it.” Still, most investors (including us) stopped short of predicting actual catastrophe. As a result, we ended up pretty busy in markets, but wait, because it could be that investors get a second chance at trading a virus threat.

Facts only; scientists have identified a new strain of “swine flu” called G4 EA H1N1. It’s come from China. It has all the “essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus,” such as human infectivity, and it’s found in pigs.

Now, let’s not lose our heads here. The virus is not an immediate threat and should get stamped on by the Chinese authorities. It’s the reaction to this and claims of coronavirus mutation that investors need to keep an eye on.

Dr. Fauci et. al. can reference these threats in their conquest for further lockdown measures. Rightly or wrongly, world leaders will listen, and rightly or wrongly, we could lockdown again. We recommend putting G4 EA H1N1 on your watch list.

I am not a financial advisor and my comments should never be taken as financial advice. Investments come with risk, so always do your research and analysis beforehand!”

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