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by 10 Sep, 2021

New Mandate

President Joe Biden outlined a plan on Thursday to boost Covid-19 vaccination rates in the United States as the number of cases continues to rise, including urging private employers to vaccinate their employees and mandating the vaccine for federal employees.

According to data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 176 million Americans, or 53.3% of the overall population, are completely vaccinated, despite the administration’s huge campaign for vaccinations.

The executive order will affect 2.1 million people who work for the US government, including federal employees, employees of healthcare facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding, and contractors. According to sources, Biden is also urging the US Department of Labor to draft legislation requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to impose vaccinations or testing.

According to Biden, the new vaccine mandates would touch approximately 100 million people or two-thirds of American workers.

The government has previously declared that those eight months out from their second dosage of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine would receive booster injections later this month. Dr Anthony Fauci, the White House senior medical advisor, said on Sunday that the United States will likely begin distributing third Pfizer vaccines in two weeks’ but that the launch for Moderna’s might be delayed.

Since the Covid surge this summer, US businesses have increasingly imposed vaccinations or announced fines for non-vaccinated employees. This autumn, United Airlines will require all employees to get vaccinated, while American and Alaska Airlines have warned that employees who aren’t vaccinated risk losing their job benefits.

What do you think about Biden’s announcement, and do you think businesses should mandate vaccinations for their employees?

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