Poll: Mojo Driver! 💪

by 2 Dec, 2019

Poll: Mojo Driver!

Everyone needs a will to live, so we polled it!

  • 41%    Purpose
  • 34%    Money
  • 10%    Nada, Nothing, Niet, Zonder, Neen! 
  • 8%      Belonging
  • 7%      Dignity

Almost half of the Invstr community appears to be on a value-driven mission for meaning. Whether our purpose is visible in our investment portfolio, humble or radical, static or changing, or even good for the world, is another matter. But no-one can judge! Apparently, an inspiring life’s purpose gets more of us out of bed in the morning than a lucrative money-making opportunity? Hmm!

Just over a third of respondents to our poll consider fattening their wallets to be priority number one. Too much is never enough, and this goal could be set out of greed or fear, depending on the state of the economy. That being said, if your mojo driver is denominated in dollar bills, you’ve come to the right place!

A tranquil sense of belonging may have only won 8% of the vote, and ‘dignity’ only 7%, but those are deeper motivators. You could argue that money, fame, purpose, and whatever else, are just means to a dignified end, promising us a feeling of belonging in a world of inequality where billionaires and revolutionaries enjoying lushest of lives, and “belonging” means “to stand out,” and “dignity” means to “break the status quo.”

No-one does that better, by the way, than one in 10 of the Invstr community who are motivated by zilch! It’s too easy to dismiss these folks as zombified investors, idly playing the markets and serving nobody but themselves. However, these guys and girls may be the most self-motivated of all, having already ticked off purpose, belonging, dignity, and money. That, or they just really found their YOLO mojo when the poll dropped! If you could vote again, would you vote the same?

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