Mind the content gap: why the time is now for personalised financial news

by | Oct 11, 2016

If (like me) you’re an avid investor closely following the markets throughout the day, you may have noticed that there’s something of a gaping hole in the type of coverage offered by the major financial news outlets when it comes to pin-pointing essential information.

Newswire services in particular may talk up their digital offering, but the majority of their business involves throwing information at the reader wholesale. There’s no intelligent information selection process or tailoring to the individual reader’s interests – they are expected to do the leg work and sift through it themselves. All of this takes time – something readers in this day and age simply don’t have.

The biggest competitor for purveyors of financial news coverage is actually time itself. There is no bigger challenge than a reader’s simple lack of perceived time or, more truthfully, competition for time with other services and applications – whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Candycrush or some other distraction. Time is precious, and even people who recognise the importance of managing their financial future through learning and understanding how best to invest, need a filtering process to focus their attention.

So offering the content required to make everyone an informed investor, without information overload, is truly a holy grail. No one wants to be saturated by yet another push-product. ‘Too much’ risks the reader encountering difficulties separating the wheat from the chaff, with the result being that they find it harder to make an informed and educated decision.

Interestingly no sooner has intelligent content personalization being recognized than the next new generation trend comes along: Chatbots. It’s one step ahead of machines learning and then directing relevant information based on a user’s past habits and interests. Instead it addresses the impulsive ‘give me’ information need with even cleverer algos. A user asks for something and get’s the answer straight away. This fits the more natural human whim and will revolutionize future interactions between people and information.

We at invstr are well on the way to addressing these social demands, using the same smart engine mechanics that we use to offer financial content (market data, news, research reports, calendars and more) to invstr users based on their in-app activity and habits, defined interests and curiosities.

Technology has made all of this viable, and means there is no longer a need for the bulk news streams of the past. In essence, by providing a customized and responsive service for each individual user, we’re helping to empower them with the information they need to make informed decisions to take charge of their financial future.

James Arscott,

Chief Content Officer – invstr

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