Meet Kerim Derhalli – Delivering professional financial information to mobile devices

by | Dec 15, 2014

Kerim Derhalli, CEO at invstr, talks about our mission of democratizing access to financial information and promoting financial literacy and education.

invstr provides:

  • Live, on-demand market data on 70,000 individual stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities from exchanges around the world and delayed data on four million more
  • An expansive financial news database that enables users to search articles in Dow Jones News, including the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and other leading financial news outlets free
  • On-demand research reports on more than 60,000 listed companies
  • Real-time crowdsourced market predictions on the pricing of individual stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities to help users make real money
  • Social networking and messaging functionalities that allow users to share information and chat

Want to learn more about the markets and how to become a better investor?

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