Poll: Lockdown Unlocked 🔓

by 4 May, 2020

Poll: Lockdown Unlocked

“What’s the first thing you’re going to do after lockdown?”

  • 36%:   Party!
  • 25% Visit the shops
  • 21%:   Go on vacation
  • 18%:   Buy a latte

Oh, yeah! The Invstr community is moonwalking out of lockdown, straight into the clubs and bars – but remember to practice social distancing on the dance floor!

It looks like politicians will need to reopen recreational businesses to avoid public revolt. However, the challenge is that such party activities will most likely to trigger a second wave. In some countries, expect a blanket ban on everything non-essential for the first few weeks. In other countries, expect guidelines to leave companies setting the rules.

If our poll is anything to go by, it might not make any difference. The feeling of social isolation needs curing, and house parties will no doubt kick off from the word go!

It’s interesting to see 21% of the Invstr community opt for a holiday. The main prediction in a post-corona world is for fearful flying; nobody is jumping on a plane to abandon home comforts. There’s also not much money going around, and it’s unclear if airlines will operate if told to give up the middle seat. However, it is summer, and what’s better than a famous landmark minus the tourists?

Finally, almost half of the community just wants their old life back. We’ve taken for granted our freedom to pick up a coffee on the way to work and go shopping at a moment’s notice. The beneficiaries of this inevitable urge will be small businesses, mainly. If those come back online, the average consumer will feel more confident. The “local kebab shop” employs millions of people, remember. We need it back open!

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