Is He Abel To Replace Buffett? 💰

by 4 May, 2021

Is He Abel To Replace Buffett?

Warren Buffett is the one name that every investor picks up on. With his old-school style of investing, he is arguably one of the best stock-pickers in history. However, being 90 years old, Buffett will eventually have to pass the throne to someone. His partner, Charlie Munger, can’t take the spot either as he is 97 years old. Stock market pundits have continued to speculate the heir, but we finally got the answer on Monday.

At last, Warren Buffett announced that if something were to happen to him, businessman Greg Abel would take the helm. You may be asking, who is Greg Abel? Abel is a vice chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, a holding company whose parent is Berkshire Hathaway. He originally joined Berkshire in 1999 and has steadily grown to where he is now. Many speculated that Ajit Jain, another Vice-Chairman who oversaw insurance operations at Berkshire, would be the successor, but it was ultimately Abel because he was younger.

Now, replacing Buffett is no small task. Buffett is a man who dominated the markets for multiple decades, and his expertise in the market is unmatched. However, Munger and Buffett believe that Abel can continue the culture at Berkshire. Along with that, he can bring some fresh experience as he is much younger, which provides new viewpoints. As we’ve seen, Berkshire’s decision to buy into Snowflake’s IPO is a sign of how times are changing, and with the market revolution that has been created in the last year, Berkshire’s style of investing could change.

There is no question about Abel’s experience and qualifications; instead, it is if he can continue the magnificence that Buffett created during his time at Berkshire. With his highly praised work ethic, I think it is plausible for Greg Abel to turn into a household name in the world of investing. Do you think that Abel will succeed, or will he crack under pressure?

I am not a financial advisor and my comments should never be taken as financial advice. Investments come with risk, so always do your research and analysis beforehand.


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