IPOs Back With A Bang 💥

by | 22 Apr, 2019

IPOs Back With A Bang

We’ve got a flood of big-name IPOs gearing up to hit the market in the coming months and investors are getting fired up about it. Make sure you don’t miss out!

The start of 2019 saw a sizeable delay in the IPO markets thanks to the 35-day government shutdown that threw the brakes on new listings and hurt investment banks underwriting departments significantly. Listings declined 41% in the first quarter, while proceeds fell 74% as only 199 companies reached public markets.

Now, however, we’re back on track with some blockbuster names to come. Uber, Pinterest, McLaren, Airbnb and Slack are poised to hit the markets this year, but will be feeling a bit shaky after witnessing Lyft’s catastrophic 30% plunge. 

2018’s IPO market was a tough place to be, with over 66% of all IPOs remaining under their IPO price by the end of the year – and 2019 may be no different. Despite the dismal performance of many new IPOs, the Renaissance IPO ETF, has been performing extremely well since the start of 2019, rising 36%. Nice!

Uber’s massive IPO may well follow the same trajectory as its rival Lyft’s, but Pinterest’s powerful ad-based business model has peaked intestors’ interest and may just be able to buck the trend of sunk IPOs. Who’s ready for the IPO bonanza?

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