invstr puts the power of Wall Street in your pocket!

by May 21, 2015

 Video Transcript 

Technology has enabled us to be in control of almost every aspect of our lives from finding the best deals on flight, to booking hotels and restaurants, even doing our shopping online. What if we could have  that kind of control over our financial decisions? Imagine having complete access to all the financial information you need in one place. The same financial information that in the past had been reserved for the select few professionals. The latest news, live market prices, opinions of leading traders and the thought of the financial community all in your pocket. At invstr we are democratising access to financial information by focusing vast financial resources into a simple mobile app that you can use anytime and anywhere. Invstr gives you the power to take control of your investment decisions. You can access free market data from more than four million instruments and live market data from more than 70,000 instruments from on demand. Read news, commentaries, and research reports in a single news feed. And get the latest updates from leading news wires like the Dow Jones and the Financial Times. Build your network by connecting and interacting with other financially motivated members of the Invstr community. And play a compelling game where you can view community insights and even challenge your contacts predictions as well as your own training skills. So whether you’re serious about stocks or you just want to see what the market you doing, invstr puts the power of Wall Street in your pocket.

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