invstr predictions (26/4/17) Snapchat – Lockheed Martin – Microsoft – EUR/USD

by Apr 25, 2017

Predictions from invstr players from across the globe. All prediction data was taken on 25/4/17. The data below represents crowdsourced predictions for where stock prices will go – all of the data is taken directly from the invstr app. Think you know where stock prices are heading? Download the app now and test your forecasting skills in the prediction game!

Despite the fact that it’s no longer hitting headlines quite the same as it was after it’s IPO, Snapchat (#snapchat in invstr) is still a volatile stock. The invstr community is broadly neutral on it however.

Lockheed Martin (#lockhd in invstr) surprised analysts with weaker than expected company results this week. The invstr community thinks the price will slowly recover and peak at an all-time-high by the end of 2017. If Trump continues with higher defence spending, they could be right.

The consumer side of Microsoft’s (#msft in invstr) business is picking up the pace. Office consumer product revenue growth was 3%, 19%, 8% and 22%. Cloud services for consumers saw revenue growth of 6%, 18%, 8% and 21%. Those excellent figures come on the heels of Office 365 consumer subscribers growing from 20.6 million in Q2 of FY16 to 24.9 million in Q2 of FY17. The invstr community is broadly optimistic about the stocks prospects, and for good reason.

Naturally one of our most popular instruments on the app this week was EUR/USD (#eurusd in invstr). Why? The Euro rallied strongly alongside European stock markets after the first round of the French elections was concluded, putting Marine Le Pen through against the favourite – Emmanuel Macron. The invstr community doesn’t see any great risk or upset to the Euro over the rest of the year and thinks the price will remain broadly stable with a slight dip towards the end of 2017.

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