invstr Meets – LSE Professor Ethan Ilzetzki

by Dec 1, 2016

Professor Ethan Ilzetzki

As part of our ‘Meet the Professors’ series, we meet Professor Ethan Ilzetzki from the London School of Economics. Before becoming an academic, he worked at the International Monetary Fund! Here he explains why this organisation was founded and what purpose it serves. Ethan specialises in ‘Fiscal Policy’ and how implementing fiscal policy must vary depending on the country’s wealth for example, there’s no “one-size fits all”.

Ethan has written on numerous topics including the recession and recovery, US tax policy, the limitations of monetary stimulus in healing economies, the affordable care act, fiscal multipliers and many more alongside other prominent academics across a range of disciplines. He is also mutli-lingual, with a fluent grasp of Hebrew, English, Spanish and French.

He has studied at institutions around the world including the Israel Institute of Technology, John Hopkins University and the University of Maryland and has worked as a lecturer, associate and research affiliate at the LSE.

A rundown on the LSE

The London School of Economics is one of the foremost social science universities in the world. The University is a leading public university in the UK capital, renowned worldwide for its leadership in the social sciences. Known for its excellence in both research and teaching, the university and its graduates make a significant contribution to global policy and debate.

The LSE is a constituent college of the federal University of London. It was founded in 1895 by the Fabian Society including members George Bernard Shaw the world famous playwright, as well as economist and reformer Sidney Webb. LSE was established for the betterment of society and established it’s first degree courses under the auspices of the University in 1901.

It is located in Westminster and has the highest percentage of international students of all British Universities in the U.K. It is generally regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, ranked among the top 10 universities nationally by two of the three UK tables and in the top 100 internationally by three of the four major global rankings. LSE is usually considered part of the ‘golden triangle’ of highly research-intensive universities in southeast England. It is a member of academic organisations such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the European University Association and the Russell Group.

The LSE has produced many notable alumni in the fields of law, history, economics, philosophy, business, literature, media and politics. Alumni and staff include 52 past or present heads of state or government and 20 members of the current British House of Commons. Out of all European universities, LSE has educated the most billionaires according to a 2014 global census of dollar billionaires. LSE graduates earn higher incomes on average than those of any other British university.

Notable alumni include George Soros the billionaire investor, Ed Miliband the former Labour party leader, Mick Jagger the Rolling Stones Frontman and David Attenborough the presenter.

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