Invstr Meets: Frances Coppola – Economist

by Sep 25, 2016

Frances Coppola: “In a past life I worked for banks…now I write about them, and about finance and economics generally. I’m an alumnus of Cass Business School, where I did an MBA with a specialism in finance and risk management. I spent 17 years working for various banks, from large to small, retail and investment banks, and even a charity (yes, there is a charity that is a bank!). I’m a singer and musician as well, and left banking 10 years ago.”

Economist & Banking Expert Frances Coppola isn’t afraid to share her thoughts when it comes to the banking sector. Here she tells invstr’s Lea Jakobiak who she thinks is to blame for the financial crisis, why banks need to watch their backs and why Central Banks are doing all the hard work. Watch the video and let us know if you agree.

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