invstr at The London Forex show – February 24th 2017

by Feb 22, 2017

What is it?

The London FOREX Show is an exciting one-day event and exhibition for retail fx traders, taking place on Friday the 24th of February 2017 at Novotel London West, very close to Hammersmith station in West London.

The event provides access to independent training via the five independent fx workshops, plus a range of free seminars from top industry experts, including one by invstr’s own Kerim Derhalli! On top of these, the event offers the live Lunchtime Summit and an exhibition of product and fx service providers.

The London FOREX Show is widely considered a “must-attend” event for all active fx traders in the UK. Here, guests can get an overview of the industry, learning how to maximize their gains and limit their risks, meet and network with other traders who are also looking to develop their skills, as well as keeping up-to-date with the very latest and successful trading techniques, employed by industry leaders.

There is plenty on offer at this years London Forex Show – including brand new FX Workshops where you can learn more about trading and how to profit, find out about the key trading and investment themes for this year, look at intra-day swing trading strategies and attend the live, Lunchtime Summit.

This year, top market predictor and author Alpesh Patel hosts a panel looking ahead to what could be a very turbulent 2017 – and as every trader knows, where there is uncertainty, lies opportunity. The panel discuss how traders can best prepare for the year ahead and be ready to take advantage of momentous events throughout the year.  Your views are welcomed and the audience will be invited to contribute.

Another key cornerstone of the event that will be of interest to novice and expert FX traders alike, will be the live trading competition – 90 minutes of real-time trading, where 2 traders pit their wits against one another, or in this years case, it’s man v.s machine! EzeeTrader’s Charlie Burton (who has won the challenge for 3 years running, will be going up against an automated trading system run by Viet Dang, who trades for a fund based in Germany.

Kerim Derhalli, CEO and Founder of invstr will be taking to the stage at 4PM.

What is FX trading?

Incase you didn’t know, FX is an abbreviation of ‘Forex’, which is an abbreviation of ‘Foreign Exchange’, or the trading of different currencies from around the world. According to data, foreign exchange is the most traded market in the entire world and the average daily trading volume exceeds $5 trillion.

Can I trade currency on the invstr app?

Absolutely! The invstr app features many widely traded currency pairs, including the Dollar / Pound Sterling, the Euro / Dollar and the Dollar / Yen. To find these instruments, simply open your watchlist, tap on the search bar and look for the currency you’re interested in, for example ‘Canadian Dollar’ or ‘Japanese Yen’.

These instruments are some of our most popular on the app, due to them being highly liquid and sensitive to daily to macroeconomic events across the globe. Keeping an eye on our news and invstr feeds for major political stories can give you plenty of information to use in your FX trading – so you can know exactly what is causing currency values to move up and down on any given day.


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