by Jun 28, 2016

At our launch event a few weeks ago, we showed the results of a financial survey of millennials that we had conducted. It was followed by a panel discussion featuring our CEO Kerim Derhalli, Stuart Miles the Founder of Pocket-Lint, Adam Tassabehji from Hult Business School and Amit Pau from Ariadne Capital and hosted by Penny Haslam the business journalist. Below you can watch the video and see the results of the survey in more detail.

Here are the results of the survey we showed at the event. We spoke to 2000 16-30yr in the UK and the same number in the USA, from multiple geographical locations. The results you see below are from the UK respondents only. More questions and the answers received will be shown on our channels in the future.

The Bar chart shows the responses from the audience. The Larger blue percentage figures shows the responses from the UK survey respondents. Only 1 in 5 of the respondents feels they have their financial future covered in some way.

4 out 5 millennials can’t place the value of the FTSE100 within a fairly broad range. The Audience, which tended to conform to an older demographic, were more aware.

Only 1 in 10 of the respondents would actively trust a robo-advisor to give them financial advice. The other 9 would not or were undecided. The Audience were more sharply divided, with far less in the Don’t Know category.

The audience trust themselves most of all but for the millennial survey respondents, its friends and family that they turn to first.

A fun way to learn, cheaper information and a network of peers to consult with. All something that invstr provides, of course.

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