Invstr Basics: The Profile and Social

by 16 Mar, 2018

The Profile


The Profile page is where you can find your bio, see who you’re following and who is following you, track notifications and see all your latest posts in one place.

The notifications tab shows not only notifications when another Invstr comments on a post or tags you on the feed, but also when you are making or losing money in the investment game, so you can keep track of your positions more easily. Making a killing on a stock as the shares rise? Your profile will tell you its time to close your position!



Simply navigate to another users profile and hit the follow button to follow them. From then on you will see their posts in the feed and they will see yours.

You can also tag other Invstrs in posts you make on the feed, just by typing @ followed by their user handle, displayed in their profile view. 

Read news, share charts, post game results and engage with people you follow. Show off your game results and share lots more to other social networks.

Invstr is making finance social. 


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