Investment Tips: Are you researching who you invest in? With Crowdcube Co-Founder Luke Lang

by Mar 21, 2017

Invstr’s Lea Jakobiak spoke to Crowdcube Co-Founder Luke Lang, the leading investment crowdfunding platform, who discussed the importance of investment research.

Video Transcript

LUKE LANG (Co-Founder, Crowdcube): I think if you’re an investor you should do your due diligence. You should look at the pitch,  you should look at the the people behind the business, you should look at the product in its market, and you should really try and understand it. Every business has its own forum so you can ask questions of the entrepreneur and you can request further information or even request to meet the entrepreneurial or the order team. So, I kind of always urge people to do that. Do your own due diligence but look at what the crowds are asking as well. Look what other investors are asking and you should understand and be clear that these investments are high risk. You know you’re investing in an early stage company often so you need to be prepared for for the risk that you’re going to take on. A lot of startups don’t succeed unfortunately and any returns might be a long way off in the future.

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