Poll: Diversification? 🤔

This week we asked the Invstr Community what they are investing into during the crypto crash. The most popular choice was to buy the dip on crypto and ride the wave back into the green. This isn’t a bad strategy given crypto continues its trend of small dips with a generally upward trend, however, when the bottom hits are hard to say. Moreover, if a recession comes soon, crypto markets may be on the chopping block as a much riskier and volatile asset. The second most popular choice, with 33% of investors choosing it was ETFs and stocks. This is an interesting one considering the state of the economy (high inflation and interest) rates and the state of the S&P (in slight decline). Again, this choice is very much tied to the recession. Lastly, 12% chose Bonds/Cash and 10% chose Real Estate and Commodities.

These alternative investment choices, although not as hot as stocks and crypto, may be useful in volatile markets or recessions. Overall, we will see how these choices play out in the next few months. And remember to keep trading on Fantasy Finance to see for yourself without taking real risk! Happy investing.

The Invstr Team 🙂


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